How to Store Tea Used to Make Boba Tea Drinks

How to Store Tea Used to Make Boba Tea Drinks Drinking tea is one of the few affordable luxuries in life. In many cultures, drinking tea is an important ritual. It is no wonder that many bubble tea shops incorporate green tea or black tea to make bubble tea drinks.  It is therefore quite frustrating […]


Benefits of Green Tea – Bubble Tea with Green Tea

Benefits of Green Tea    Bubble Tea drinks are often made with green tea or black tea. Green tea is used more than black tea though because of the health benefits associated with it. Now you can enjoy your favorite bubble tea drinks and feel good because green tea can do a body good! Green […]


Fun facts about Boba Tea

Fun Facts about Boba Tea First, there was the traditional way of drinking tea that has taken the form of ritual in many cultures. Then, there was ice tea, a simple tea drink with ice cubes and a splash of fruit juice or slices of fruit. The ice tea was invented in the World Exposition […]


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